Tips about parking in Bucharest

Parking in Bucharest is mostly concentrated near the central areas of the city.

There are two types of parking places in Bucharest:

The ones managed by the city council usually cost 1.5 RON / hour and operate between 9 - 17. Before or after this interval, the parking is free to use (however, there is no one to look after the cars then). When parking here, upon getting out of the car, a representative will approach you, ask how much time you want to stay, charge you, and then give you a ticket that you'll put inside your car, on your board.

The ones managed by private companies cost a bit more (some of them around 1.5 RON / 30 minutes), however some of them are guarded, have surveillance cameras and other features.

In various places in the city, you may notice people making you signs to pull over and park there. Avoid this at all cause, as they are not entitled to manage that parking space, and most of the time parking there may not be permitted. Even if it is fine to park there, they may ask for way more money than a traditional parking. Avoid this!

No matter which parking you choose to use, please be prepared with change in RON, as credit card payment is not possible for most of the cases.

Please keep in mind that there are many other parking places in Bucharest, most of them at the edge of the streets. Usually, if you'll see the blue "P" sign (Parking permitted), it should be fine to park there. However, make sure that the place you park marked correctly with paint on the road. That's an example of such thing.

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